Höpler wines, ITV and the Sound of Music LIVE Kopie

    Höpler has produced the house wines for the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont for over forty years. These wines will be served in the ballroom scene of ITV’s LIVE screening of the Sound of Music, broadcast across the UK on Sunday 20 December 2015.

     Höpler and the Sound of Music

    The Höpler and von Trapp families “have maintained a close friendship and strong business relationship for over forty years”, explains Johannes von Trapp, the President of the Trapp Family Lodge and the tenth child of Baron von Trapp.

    To make their 50-year celebration of the filming of the Sound of Music LIVE as genuine as possible, ITV has chosen Höpler’s Austrian wines for both the ballroom scene in the musical, and the event surrounding the filming. The Pinot Noir won awards from A la Carte and Wine Spectator, achieving scores of 90 and 91 points. The Pinot Blanc secured the Gold prize in the Austrian Wine Challenge.

    Christof Höpler the winemaker and owner of Höpler wines commented: “The fact that the Sound of Music lives strong some fifty years on is evidence of its quality and how well it was originally written. It is a story for everyone, to be enjoyed by everyone – just like our wines, which are accessible for everyone but remain interesting with each sip. Our Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir will enchant the guests throughout the evening with finesse and elegance.”


    Forty years of partnership between Höpler and von Trapp

    The families’ story began in the early 70’s through a love of music. Rosemarie Scully (nee Höpler) met the von Trapp sisters and Johannes (the youngest son of Maria and also a member of the legendary von Trapp Family Singers) at the Trapp Music Camp, in the old Trapp Lodge in Stowe, Vermont.  All had emigrated from Austria and shared a deep love of skiing.  In 1975, Rosemarie introduced her brother, the winemaker Jost Höpler, to the von Trapps. Höpler wines proved popular and Jost created a strong awareness and following for the family’s wines amongst guests at the Lodge.  

    Jost’s talents and skill have been built on by his son Christof, and the wines continue to have a strong customer base. More than 3000 bottles of Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc, exclusively labelled with the Trapp Family Lodge logo, are drunk annually. They are now the highest selling Austrian product in the hotel.


    About Höpler Wines

    All Höpler wines possess a common signature – they are elegant, subtle and offer phenomenal value for their quality.  In many ways Christof’s personality and passion are reflected in his wine. Through his skill and commitment he has created a top quality product, to be found on the wine lists of some of the finest restaurants in the UK, USA and Europe. Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, Gordon Ramsay’s Maze, The Ritz Carlton in Atlanta, Das reinstoff in Berlin, The Queen Mary 2 and Trapp Family Lodge are just a few of his more well known customers.  Over 70% of production is exported around the world, with particular demand in the USA, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, the Baltics and Scandinavia. 

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